How to add translations features with Loco Wordpress Plugin?

First Install Loco Plugin in you wordpress project. Active the plugin and open Loco Dashboard "/wp-admin/admin.php?page=loco".

Then here you find all text-domain based translations list like themes text domain, plugin text domain, admin text domain etc.


Then edit template and it showing the translation list.  Then sync it to add newly added strings. After sync complete save the template.


Edit the translation strings click on marked line

How to Edit not translated string

After edit of strings you find the string list, there which color is blue and bold those are not translated string like this .

Click on the string and scroll down to add its translations.


Where you find the PO and MO File in Wordpress?

Wordpress Defaults: wp-content/languages/

For Plugins: wp-content/languages/plugins

For Themes: wp-content/themes/my-theme/languages [Active Theme Only]